Solidarity makes for strength: CPC member devoted to Xizang's revitalization


Over the past seven decades, Xizang has undergone a truly impressive transformation. It has transcended the clutches of poverty and underdevelopment to emerge as a shining embodiment of what can be accomplished through unwavering determination and perseverance. This achievement, undoubtedly, owes its existence to the united endeavors of successive generations of volunteer workers from all corners of China. Among these dedicated individuals stands Li Tinghui.

Li Tinghui's contributions encompass a range of endeavors, from fortifying the foundation of grassroots Party organizations through training village cadres, to pioneering a "toilet revolution" that elevates the living standards of rural inhabitants. Much like the countless aid workers who have stepped out of their comfort zones and fearlessly embarked on journeys to the snow-covered plateaus, Li too bid farewell to the comforts of his own home, and with unwavering dedication, engaged in the development of his cherished motherland.

Speaking of the reason why he insisted on staying in Xizang, Li said that it was only after his arrival in the region that he truly sensed the intrinsic power embedded in the land beneath his feet. Witnessing the resolute dedication and unyielding spirit of countless CPC members who willingly heeded the call to support Xizang, despite the adversities and sacrifices that accompany work in such a challenging environment, solidified his commitment to this cause.