Sansha's coral ecosystem: a marine wonderland


China boasts one of the most expansive distributions of coral reefs worldwide, encompassing 13.5 percent of the total coral reef coverage. Among its key regions, the South China Sea emerges as a pivotal area, characterized by pristine azure waters and an exceptional ecological milieu, fostering the flourishing growth of reef-building corals within Chinese territories.

Within the South China Sea's aquatic expanse, coral reefs play a vital role as sanctuaries, offering crucial habitats for a diverse array of marine organisms.

Mirroring the intricate biodiversity of tropical rainforests on land, the coral reefs around Sansha, Hainan province, harbor many marine species, creating a distinct ecosystem teeming with life.

The coral reefs of Sansha serve as crucial pillars in optimizing the balance of underwater ecosystems. Their diverse inhabitants, ranging from colorful fish to intricate invertebrates, form a web of interdependence that supports the resilience and vitality of the marine environment.

China has been committed to preserving the ecology of marine coral reefs. Significant progress has been made by adhering to and enforcing international conventions, enhancing laws and regulations, creating protected zones, conducting scientific studies, monitoring, ecological rehabilitation, and boosting public awareness, education, and international collaboration.