China advocates for dialogue with EU over trade standoff

作者:Wang Keju来源

China has been advocating for dialogue and consultation amid the trade standoff that has been simmering over months between the world's second-largest economy and the European Union, as the bloc continues to provoke disputes, potentially leading to a trade war, the Ministry of Commerce said on Friday.

Since the beginning of this year, Brussels has introduced 31 restrictive measures against Beijing in trade and investment, including 25 trade remedy measures, said a spokesperson for the ministry.

The bloc's investigations have severely disrupted China-EU economic and trade cooperation, the spokesperson added.

China has emphasized its open and cooperative attitude, advocating for resolving issues through dialogue and consultation. China consistently adheres to WTO rules and exercises caution in utilizing trade remedy measures, the spokesperson said.

The escalation of trade friction, which may potentially lead to a trade war, is entirely the responsibility of the EU, the spokesperson said.

In its latest move, Brussels proposed additional tariffs on different Chinese electric car makers - 17.4 percent on market major BYD, 20 percent on Geely and 38.1 percent on SAIC - on top of the standard 10 percent duty from next month, citing "unfair subsidization" in China.

The European Commission, the executive arm of the EU, without any industry application, initiated the probe into Chinese electric vehicles under the guise of protecting local industries. The investigation lacks sufficient evidence and legitimacy, the spokesperson said.

Preliminary disclosures show that the commission completely ignored the information provided by Chinese companies, fabricated and exaggerated so-called subsidy items, and improperly determined high tax rates, the spokesperson said.

In addition, during the investigation, the EU intimidated and pressured Chinese companies with threats of punitive high tax rates, demanding overly broad information, much of which involves commercially sensitive and core secrets of involved businesses, the spokesperson added.

China's determination to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests remains firm. China hopes that the EU can "match its words with deeds", honor the consensus reached by the leaders of both sides, and accommodate each other's reasonable concerns, the spokesperson said.

It's imperative to follow WTO rules and resolve differences through dialogue and consultation, so as to return to the right path of China-EU relations, avoid the escalation and loss of control of trade friction, the spokesperson added.