双语新闻播报(June 2)

2023-06-02 15:32:38

> Chinese netizens on alert over AI scam



Avoiding scams using artificial intelligence (AI) has become a heated discussion topic on Sina Weibo. 


A victim surnamed Guo, who owns a technology company in Fuzhou, East China's Fujian province, was cheated out of 4.3 million yuan ($611,000) in 10 minutes, according to police.


The scammer made a WeChat video call to Guo, using AI technology to make him look like Guo’s friend.


During the video call, the scammer convinced Guo that he needed Guo’s corporate account to pay 4.3 million yuan in deposits for bidding on a project.


The scammer asked for Guo's bank card number, claimed that he already transferred 4.3 million yuan into Guo's account, and sent a screenshot of the bank transfer receipt to Guo via WeChat.


Trusting his friend, Guo transferred 4.3 million yuan to the scammer in two payments, without verifying whether the money had arrived.

"I received the video call. I verified the face and the voice. So I let my guard down," Guo said.
“当时是给我打了视频的,我在视频中也确认了面孔和声音,所以才放松了戒备,” 郭先生说。


After receiving the report, police in Fuzhou and Baotou quickly blocked the transaction and successfully stopped the transfer of 3.36 million yuan. However, the rest was transferred and is now the subject of retrieval efforts.


The case has triggered heated discussion on staying alert from AI scams on China’s social media.


As of Monday, the topic on how to prevent AI scams was viewed 170 million times and generated 9,579 discussions.


On April 11, the Cyberspace Administration of China sought public feedback on a draft of management measures for generative AI services, which attracted much attention on the authenticity of the content and the security of training data.


> Ya Ya returns home to Beijing Zoo, remains in stable condition
“丫丫”平安回到北京动物园 再睹“芳容”当看时机

Giant panda Ya Ya returns on Monday to Beijing Zoo after arriving in Shanghai on April 27 and being quarantined for a month.FU ZHUOXIN / XINHUA


Giant panda Ya Ya returned to her home in Beijing Zoo early on Monday after spending 20 years in the United States, according to the National Forestry and Grassland Administration.


Ya Ya will not be on show to the public for the time being, as the 23-year-old panda needs to rest and adapt to her new environment.


The zoo will periodically release updates on Ya Ya on its official Weibo account, according to the National Forestry and Grassland Administration.


On April 27, Ya Ya arrived in Shanghai, and was quarantined for a month before moving to Beijing, the administration said.


During the quarantine period, experienced keepers and veterinarians from Beijing Zoo provided around-the-clock care for Ya Ya, due to her old age and changed living environment. Shanghai Zoo offered support and ensured her safety and health, the administration said.


Beijing Zoo has prepared a special feeding place for Ya Ya as well as tailor-made feeding measures, care, medical support and nutrition plans, according to the administration.


On Sunday afternoon, Beijing Zoo received a special delivery of fresh bamboo from Chengdu, Sichuan province.


The bamboo was airlifted to ensure that each panda at the zoo has fresh food, Beijing Television reported.


Beijing Zoo told the press that it will depend on her health check results whether and when Ya Ya will be shown to the public.


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